The residential department (RESI) is an educational and care provision run in conjunction with school to provide a 24-hour curriculum to students who meet the referral criteria. It is commissioned by the local authority to offer ten places each night Monday – Thursday, during term time only. The provision is is guided by the OFSTED National Minimum Standards for Residential Schools with an annual three day OFSTED Inspection against the framework to ensure compliance.


The department offers a supportive, theraputic environment in which students can develop skills and experiences that provide the foundations for all to flourish and lead fulfilling and purposeful lives beyond St. Andrews Academy. Working collaboratively with school staff, parents, carers, guardians and professionals, there is a particular focus on students independent living skills, communication, socialisation and personal care. These form the key areas of the RESI curriculum.

R Real Life Skills E Effective Communication S Social Interaction I Intimate and Personal Care


Educational and recreational activities are planned to suit the age and ability of the students, whilst making full use of onsite and community facilities. Activities include youth clubs, swimming, cinema, bowling, theatre, sports events, arts and crafts, music. We are eager for students do try to develop new interests and hobbies.


We follow the THISTLE Initiative throughout residential to promote a positive and inclusive environment for all.

T            Tolerance and Respect

H           Happy and Healthy

I              Independent Thinking

S            Staying Safe

T            Tenacious

L             Love of Learning

E            Expressing Yourself

This describes seven key themes that underpin our work. These themes feature in all aspects of residential life; in the way we interact with each other, in our learning experiences in residential, outdoors and in the wider community. They provide the foundations for our students as they progress through St Andrew’s Academy residential and into their adult life.


View our Residential Statements of Purpose below:

Residential Statement of Purpose

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