Our Learning for Life Curriculum

Here at St Andrew's Academy, we offer a rich, varied, ambitious, and carefully researched curriculum that prepares our students for adulthood. 

Each student follows a bespoke learning journey according to their developmental stage of learning. EHCP targets for our students are skilfully integrated and taught throughout the day. 

We build on each student's prior knowledge and understanding, as well as raising their aspirations and confidence. We are ambitious for our young people and want them to achieve the highest possible degree of personal independence. We believe in preparing all of our students for a smooth transition into life after school, where we want them to live purposeful, fulfilling lives and be active participants in, and contributors to society. Our school motto is:

"Learning Together, Achieving Together"

Our curriculum provides a wide range of subjects, is ambitious, and promotes high levels of achievement. It is constantly evolving, responding to new needs, experiences and opportunities.

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and age-appropriate. This includes the teaching of Religious Education, Relationships and Sex Education, Work-Related Learning, and Careers Education information, Advice and Guidance, and the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

For more detailed information about the curriculum, please see the document below, where you will see an overview of everything we teach or contact susan.turner@sas.set.org for more information.

St Andrew's Curriculum

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