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Week beginning 18/01/21

Introduction and Royal March of the Lion


The Carnival of the Animals starts with a short introduction and then goes straight into The Royal March of the Lion.


Carnival of the Animals - Introduction and Royal March of the Lion

Can you hear where the introduction finishes and the March of the Lion starts?


The maker of this video has put words to the music – “Watch the panther!  See the tiger!  Listen to the lion roar!”  Can you join in with these words, singing or chanting them in time to the music?  Perhaps you could make up your own words?


Can you hear the rise and fall of the music when the lion roars?  This is called a ‘glissando‘. Can you make a big roaring sound with your voice?  Try starting really quietly and then getting as loud as you can!


Have a go at marching or prowling like a lion in time to the music.  When you hear the glissando / lion roar, open your arms wide and them shut them again, like a lion opening and closing his mouth when he roars.  If you have a piano, xylophone or glockenspiel at home, you could have a go at playing the glissando, by running your fingers or beaters up and down the keys.


Can you beat out the music using your hands or other parts of your body?  Clap in time to the lion march, and then when the lion roars, do a drum roll on your knees.


Below, are some music videos of other songs that have lions.  Which is your favourite?  Can you think of any others?  Enjoy singing and dancing along to these songs.

The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King

In the Jungle, the mighty jungle...

Wizard of Oz - If I Were King of the Forest

Lions Roaring Compilation