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Week beginning 08/02/21

This week, we are going to listen to two sections from The Carnival of the Animals - Elephant and Kangaroo.  I have chosen these two to go together because they are very different animals, with very different music!


First, let's listen to the elephant music:

Camille Saint Saens: The Elephant

To be ironic, this music has been written as a dance.  If you try and clap along to it, you may feel that you feel a stronger beat every 3 beats - 1, 2, 3.  1, 2, 3 and so on all the way through.  In most pieces of music you will feel the stronger beat every 4 beats.  Music with 3 beats is used for a Waltz - can you imagine an elephant dancing a waltz?!


This piece of music is played by the biggest instrument in the string family - the Double Bass.  The double bass plays steadily to give the feel of a big elephant stomping along.  Can you stomp along like an elephant, in time to the music?  Make big, heavy movements.  Can you make an elephant sound with your voice?  How low can your voice go?  Make the lowest sounds you can, but don't give yourself a sore throat!


If you have an instrument such as a keyboard or xylophone at home, can you find the lowest notes to play?


Now listen to the Kangaroo music:

Saint Saƫns: Kangaroo

How do kangaroos move around?  Of course - they jump!  And the music jumps with them - it is full of short bouncy notes that get higher and lower - rising and falling like a kangaroo when it takes its big leaps.  Can you copy the music with your voice?  The music is light and gentle, with lots of high notes - not low and heavy like the elephant music.  If you have an instrument at home, can you use it to make short, bouncy sounds?


Listen to the elephant music again.  Make your big, stompy elephant movements.  Then become a kangaroo and jump around the room, but be careful not to bump into anything!


What other songs do you know about elephants or kangaroos?  I've attached a few below, but see if you can think of anymore.

Nellie The Elephant

When I think of songs about elephants, this is always the first one I think of. It starts off very slowly but then switches between fast and slow. Dance along, and move your body slowly or quickly in response to the music.

The Kangaroo Song

Have a go at joining in with the signs to this song.

Elephant March from The Jungle Book

If you're a Disney fan then you'll know this one! Can you march in time to the music?

I'm a Kangaroo Do Do Do

Sorry if this one gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day!