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Week beginning 01/03/21

This week, we are jumping into the water to experience the music of an aquarium and a swan.  Both movements are beautifully calm and relaxing to listen to.  Just back and enjoy the music.  


First, we have the Aquarium:


The Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium

An aquarium is a tank containing a variety of fish. This video shows a huge aquarium with many types of sea-creatures, including sharks.

Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium

This video is same Aquarium music, but this time, you can see which musical instruments are being played. How many different instruments can you name?

Notice how the music has a rippling effect (the high, fast notes played by one of the pianos) - what do you think this represents?  How does this music make you feel?


Now, let's listen to the music of The Swan:

Le Cygne 🦢

Le Cygne is French for The Swan. Do you know what a baby swan is called? It is very similar to the French word!
The images that go with this video are beautiful - enjoy!

Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals - The Swan

Here is the same music with the opportunity to see the musicians playing it again. Look at the expression on the faces of the musicians - how do you think they feel when they are playing?

You may notice that in The Swan, we also have a piano playing the ripping sounds of the water, although the pitch is a little lower than that of the aquarium.  


Which piece of music do you like best?  Why?


I hope you feel very calm and relaxed now!  Any time you feel upset, anxious or angry, you might find that music like this helps you to feel calmer.  Do you have any favourite songs or pieces of music that help you feel calm and happy?  What other activities do you do to relax?


Have a lovely week!