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Week beginning 01/02/21

This week, we are listening to the music of the tortoises!


How do tortoises move?  Do they travel fast or slow?  Here is a recording of the music.  Do you recognise the music?  It is a very famous piece of music but is played at a very different tempo (speed) to the original.  Watch the animation for clues!

The Carnival of the Animals: Tortoises, by Camille Saint Saƫns

Did you recognise the music?  That's right - it was the CanCan!  Saint-Saens has been very silly and taken a very fast, lively piece of music, and slowed it right down to the pace of a tortoise!


French CanCan

Here is the music up to speed!

Do you prefer the music played fast or slow?  Why?


Can you make fast movements and then slow movements?  How fast can you move?  How slow can you move?


Can you think of any other very fast or very slow pieces of music?


Here is a recording that mixes the fast and slow versions of the CanCan music - dance or play instruments along, matching the tempo as best you can.



CanCan fast and slow alternating.wav

The first video, with Saint-Saens' Tortoise music, depicts the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.  Do you know this story?  You can probably find a YouTube video or even a song of it if you search.  Think about the message this story is telling.