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The Highland Dauner

Welcome to The Highland Dauner


What is it?

During the middle of lockdown, many of our school community members are staying safe at home. So we decided to try and do a whole school community activity that everyone can join in, and what better way to be part of our school community than to take a virtual trip around the Scottish Islands that our classes are named after! A Dauner is a Scottish word for ‘walk’, so anyone can walk, jog, run or cycle and log their steps or miles to help us all travel around the highlands together. We hope as many students, parents/carers and staff can join us, we thought it would be fantastic if we all had a goal to aim for to remind us that we are still part of a community together, even if we are apart.


How does it work?

We are travelling together to all our classes namesakes. When we get to each Isle, there will be a video message from that class and an electronic postcard. Each message will have some suggestions of activities to complete as a family or as an individual taken from the Resilient Framework by Boing Boing. Resilient activities are those small things we can do to allow us time to focus on ourselves and our own mental health and well-being. If you do take part in the activities, we hope you will share with us what you have been up to.


How do I log miles?

You can click on the step logger at the bottom of this page, also you will be sent a link to add your name, the date, and how many miles or steps you have logged. You can count up your miles each day or week and submit them. Then we will add up the total and give a weekly update in the newsletter and on the website. Getting involved is entirely up to you, you can do as much or as little as you like.



The Journey so far

We've just flown in to the Isle of Barra!! Keep logging those miles, we're halfway there!!! Click on 'Isle of BARRA' further down to see a video message from the class teams, and read our Postcard with activities from The Resilient Framework by Boing Boing