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The Boom Tree

The Campus Boom Tree!


   There is nothing that we love more than recognising just how awesome our students are! As such, Islay class have been busy making the Campus Boom Tree! Throughout the week staff across campus observe and make note of any extra special things that the students do, moments that make us extra proud, moments that make us say BOOM! These achievements are acknowledged during our end of week celebration assembly. Students receive a communal BOOM from everyone and a written note of their achievement is then added to the Boom wall. A leaf is also added onto the Boom Tree. Leaves are colour coded to reflect the five different areas of the students' EHC plans:


Light Green: Communication and Interaction

Dark Green: Cognition and Learning

Yellow: Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Orange: Independence and Preparation for the Future

Red: Sensory and Physical Needs


Currently the tree is quite bare but by the end of the year it should be overflowing with leaves! Next time you are in campus please take some time to have a look at all of the wonderful things the students have achieved!


Students are now in the process of making some papier mache birds to live in the tree. We will put some photos up throughout the next half term as we make progress with these.