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Hello and welcome to all of you joining Stronsay in September! We can't wait to meet you and we are already planning lots of exciting and engaging activities. 

We will start off the year working on the recovery curriculum to help bring us back into school life together. This will include lots of games, speaking and listening activities, PE and art activities and getting to know each other really well. 


Who is in our class?










In our classroom...

We are kind

We are honest

We give compliments

We laugh a lot

We make mistakes

We have big dreams

We are peaceful

We work hard

We are family.


Meet your team!

A little bit about us!



I am turning 30 in August and I am due to get married in October (hopefully!) to Gareth. I have a little girl called Flora who is 10 months old and a step son called Jamie who is 9. 

I love singing, musicals and doing lots of crafting. I also enjoy reading and cooking lots of delicious food... during lockdown however, my baking has not gone well! 

I am an incredibly passionate teacher. I feel it is important to build a mini community up in my classroom so that everyone feels safe and comfortable. I hope we can fill your days with fun and excitement and you will look forward to stepping into the classroom each day.



I love riding my bike and often come to work on it (when the weather isn't too horrible!) walking with my wonderful dog Poppy and swimming. I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I do not like cows and bad manners!

I am happy, fun and approachable and love to teach young people new things and offer them new experiences. I have worked in KS4 for the last 5 years and have spent time working in FE and residential before that. 



I enjoy swimming, netball and walking. I love singing (but am not very good at it!) and I am also trying to learn to play piano. I find it very peaceful sitting in my garden and listening for birds and feeding them. I sometimes have a Woodpecker come and visit my feeder! I have a wonderful family with two sons. I am looking forward to working KS4 this year and trying some new and exciting things. 


We can't wait to see you all in September!


Please contact me if you would like a chat or to discuss anything else regarding transition and starting back at school in Stronsay.