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Post 16 / 19 Provision

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,


 We recognise that transitioning from school into Post 16/19 provision can be a daunting and difficult time for students and families. In order to assist with this process, we have put together an information pack that we hope you will find useful. This pack includes information about some of the education and social care provisions that are available to students after they leave St Andrew’s Academy.


Providers are categorised and listed in alphabetical order. Please note that inclusion in this directory does not indicate any personal or professional endorsement from St Andrew’s Academy. We have included as many providers as possible to provide an overview of what is available. Staff are not able to direct students or families to particular placements and must remain impartial in all choices.


Helpful Advice for Students and Families

- Consider a range of potential provisions. Places can be limited and so it is important to have a number of options.

- Conduct your own research! This pack provides a brief summary of the provisions on offer. Other provisions may be available which may have a more suitable offering. This list is not exhaustive. More information is also available on the Derby City Council website in the ‘Local Offer’ section.

- Arrange your own visits. Students may be able to visit some providers during school time but it is vital that families visit placements together in order to provide everyone with the information they need to make an informed choice.

- Start the application process early! The sooner you get started in applying, the more stress free the process will be. Please do not wait until the last minute as this can raise anxiety levels for students who want to know where they may be going. Places can be limited so the sooner you can identify a suitable placement the better. During Year 11 and Year 14 EHCP reviews you will be asked to name future placements so that amendments can be made to the document. Multiple options should be provided at this stage.


We encourage you to download the directory below and start contacting provisions. 


Please get in touch with your child's class teacher if you have any queries or questions.


St Andrew's Academy Post 16 / 19 Provision Directory