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Happy New Year to all the students from The Residential Team.

We hoped you had a wonderful Christmas break.


We are very sad to inform you that Residential is closed at the moment due to the new government restrictions.  As you're not able to attend we have put together some learning packs whilst you are at home.

There's a few things in the pack we do in Residential, so show your parents/carers what you have learnt.  

You can also head over to the Parent tab, down to At Home Hub where we have Residential Resources. There are a few tools we use that could help at home.


We will keep in touch and look forward to seeing how you get on.

Comments from Macauley's mum "He has been helping me with the washing and doing some good prep!!" Well done Macauley.

Whilst Freya is at home she has been busy continuingly working towards her independent skills by making her bed, washing the pots and baking cakes... Yummy!