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Hi Everyone,


Music can be a great support to emotional regulation during difficult times, and is a particularly important form of self-expression and communication for many pupils at St Andrew's.  I hope that as many of you as possible continue to enjoy listening to and making your own music.  Whilst I am going to post ideas to encourage music-making over the coming weeks, the most important thing is that everyone enjoys themselves and feels happy – so use whatever music works in your household, and just have fun singing, dancing and banging pans (or not!) together! 


Please do send any photos/videos of your music-making to school for us to see!  

Jenny – Music Teacher


Updated 18/06/2020


Live Streaming on Facebook / YouTube

Many musicians are streaming solo performances and music/dance sessions – if you search on Facebook, YouTube etc you will probably be able to find plenty!  If you can't catch the live performance, then they are usually available to view afterwards too.


A few suggestions:


David Walliams - Marvellous Musical Podcasts -


Big Top Musical Adventures - Creative, multi-sensory music-making and story-telling for children with additional needs - They are posting weekly 'adventures' on YouTube and Facebook - definitely give this a go!


Sinfonia Viva – live performances on Wednesday evenings – see their Facebook page.  


Soundabout – Live interactive music sessions for young people with SEN – Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2pm.  There are also sessions aimed at young people and 18-26 on Thursdays at 11am.  All sessions are live streamed on their Facebook page, or you can catch up with them on YouTube.


Beat Goes On – Daily body percussion activities


Cat McGill – Access to the Arts – Cat is leading a virtual Signing Choir which anyone can join.  She also has live Wave sessions, which are Makaton sing and sign sessions - Wednesdays at 4.30


The Shows Must Go On - YouTube page for Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals - a new one each week. 


Out of the Ark – They are publishing a new music video on their website every day – available for free download.


Cirque du Soleil - Weekly 60-minute performances are streamed - these are amazing to watch! 


If you find anything else that you think should be on this list, please do let us know!



Websites - Some really fun activities on here, such as using your nose to create music, or drawing to make sound. Fun visual music-making activities – it’s definitely worth exploring the activities on here to see which ones you enjoy.  In Spectrogram, you can use your voice to create visuals and Voice Spinner is funny! - click on the characters and items to create sound loops. – Go through each stage (click ‘next’ at the bottom) to learn about creating sound with synthesizers.


The Derby and Derbyshire Music Hub are posting weekly online learning activities:


Derby Theatre - lots of fun resources,6UI7Y,TG4T1X,RGD0J,1



Apps for creating your own music


Mini Moog: (free for a limited time) – A synthesizer – create your own weird and wonderful sounds!

Kaossilator: (free for a limited time) Create melodies/phrases/loops. Big sounds and bright visuals!

Keezy: Record your own voice or sounds onto 8 coloured tiles, then create your own loops and mixes.

AUMI and AirVox: Both apps use the camera on your phone/tablet to turns movements into music 

Launch Pad: Combine beats/basslines/melodies/vocals to create dance music

Garageband: (iPad only) Compose or perform on instruments – include guitar and drum settings.  You can use the microphone setting to alter the sound of your voice.  Mix loops to create your own tracks.


SoundForest: Create visual music using shapes


Pacemaker: be a DJ – try mixing together different music (music needs to already by on your device)


Videostar: Make your own music videos – you can either use the free tracks included or music that is already on your device



Signing to Songs - just search for them on YouTube


Melody Signs 


Singing Hands UK 


Sing It Sign It Makaton Choir  


Sign With Ste  


Isabella Signs