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Hi Everyone,


Music is a hugely important form of self-expression and communication for many pupils at St Andrew's, and can be a great support to emotional regulation.  We encourage lots of singing and music-making throughout each day at school, and most students receive weekly music lessons.  

Below, is a list of websites and apps that you might like to have a go at using to make music at home - just click the weblink and explore the activities.  Right at the bottom, you can find the lessons from previous 'lockdowns' which are still available for your use.  However, the most important thing is just to enjoy yourself  - use whatever music works for you, and just have fun singing, dancing and creating music that you love.  If you don't have any musical instruments at home then just look around and see what you can (safely!) create music with - pans and wooden spoons, for example.  Or have a go at making your own instruments - you can make a simple shaker with a tub of rice/lentils for example.


Websites - Some really fun activities on here, such as using your nose to create music, or drawing to make sound. Fun visual music-making activities – it’s definitely worth exploring the activities on here to see which ones you enjoy.  In Spectrogram, you can use your voice to create visuals and Voice Spinner is funny! Virtual musical instruments to have a go at using a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. - Choose YouTube videos to mix together to create a mashup!  Or create your own mixtape. - click on the characters and items to create sound loops. – Go through each stage (click ‘next’ at the bottom) to learn about creating sound with synthesizers. - Derbyshire Music Hub Home Learning - BBC Ten Pieces Musical Menu


Apps for creating your own music


Mini Moog: A synthesizer – create your own weird and wonderful sounds!

Kaossilator: Create melodies/phrases/loops. Big sounds and bright visuals!

Keezy: Record your own voice or sounds onto 8 coloured tiles, then create your own loops and mixes.

AUMI and AirVox: Both apps use the camera on your phone/tablet to turns movements into music 

Launch Pad: Combine beats/basslines/melodies/vocals to create dance music

Garageband: (iPad only) Compose or perform on instruments – include guitar and drum settings.  You can use the microphone setting to alter the sound of your voice.  Mix loops to create your own tracks.


SoundForest: Create visual music using shapes


Pacemaker: be a DJ – try mixing together different music (music needs to already by on your device)


Videostar: Make your own music videos – you can either use the free tracks included or music that is already on your device



Signing to Songs - just search for them on YouTube


Melody Signs 


Singing Hands UK 


Sing It Sign It Makaton Choir  


Sign With Ste  


Isabella Signs