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Mull Class

Mull Class Staff Team (2020-21)

Nikki - Class Teacher
Emma - Teaching Assistant
Sarah - Teaching Assistant
Katie - Teaching Assistant (Mon-Wed)
Kris- HLTA (Thurs-Fri)

We're really happy to be back in St Andrew's Academy for the new academic year 2020-21!


We will be spending the next few weeks getting to know each other, our new school and routines so that we can start learning together while feeling happy and positive.


We are focusing on the following this term:

  • Our New School
  • Our new school rules to keep us happy and healthy
  • Poetry
  • Number and Handling Data
  • Our Senses
  • Drawing and Mark Making
  • Dance and Movement to Music
  • Hinduism and Christianity


We will be learning in an experiential way with lots of fun activities to keep us interested, happy and healthy.



We're keeping our rainbows up to still show our support for everyone !

Home Learning Advice


There are loads of practical Maths and English activities to  be completed at home-


sorting by -

- colour


-type of item


When exercising, cooking, playing hide and seek, looking at books - doing everything basically !!! You could use key vocabulary for your child- numbers, colours, shapes, positional language - in, out, on, under, days of the week, times of the day (morning/night) weather, etc. to encourage learning practically.






Bareoot sensory walks
Sensory elements bring stories to life
Sorting by colour - How many red objects?
Cut the red pepper into 5 pieces
Can you do 10 star jumps

Cooking as a teaching tool


In school we try to teach functional cooking skills alongside practical Maths, Science, communication and English as much as we are able to. Cooking at home could help in a number of ways -


  • Independence
  • Use of Equipment
  • Time to try new things
  • Having fun and enjoying food - sensory elements, food art, preparing, enjoying and sharing special food together for  special occasions
  • Learning how to be healthy
  • Maths and Science concepts explored and embedded
  • Communication - Learning and embedding key vocabulary
  • Learning how to be safe and hygienic
  • Tidying skills and routines learnt


Please find a Cooking Skills document in the resources section below which highlights ways that you can use cooking to learn with your child at home.

Stop pouring
science - how do things change
Sensory and hygiene - clean hands!!
Put 4 fish on the tray
Shapes, colours, numbers, Art etc.
Enjoy together

In School we encourage group collaboration. As we all work, play and learn together in our class groups. You could try to encourage this at home too so it's a good idea to try and maintain some of the following -


  • Turn taking
  • Group working
  • Different activities - (although routine is important we still need to present different activities)
  • Other people's interests and choices to be considered and your child joining in at a comfortable level for them
  • Have fun all of you together - this is learning!!!!
Dig out your games
Maths, communication, turn taking
Working together
Simplest of games like stacking enables learning
How many can we stack?
It is tall

We get outside and do exercise every day in school it makes us happy and healthy