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Measure - Can you fill and empty containers? You can use coloured water, rice, oats, sand - whatever you have to hand! What about half full? Can you follow instructions to add 'more' and 'stop' pouring when the container is full? Can you pour to a marked line on a jug or container or make yourself a drink of juice by pouring to the lines marked on a cup? Use the symbols below to help you learn the vocabulary associated with the topics. Spoon challenge! Can you move flour, cereal, pasta, etc. from one bowl to another using spoons and teaspoons. Which takes longer?

Size - can you sort things into size order? You could use teaspoons and spoons or cups. can you find different objects in your house and place them in size order starting with the biggest? Explore the objects with your hands. Can you feel which ones are heavy and which are light? Use the symbols below to help you.