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As in English, this year across year 7,8 and 9 we have been splitting up into 3 classes to enable us to push our students to achieve their targets and goals. Below is some different information for what each class are doing in their maths lessons.

Jessica's class

In Jess' class this term we have been looking at capacity. We have been learning how to identify which jug is empty, full, half empty, quarter full, 3 quarters full etc. The students have been working very hard at this and are able to now independently identify the difference. The students are really enjoying the practical side of this lesson with filling and emptying the different jugs of water.


We also start each lesson with a recap of counting in 5's and 10's. They are really engaged with this and helps the students to 'get ready' for their lesson.

Shirley's Class

In math's this term have been learning about Shape, space and Measure. We have so far focused on measure and using capacity. We have learnt what full and empty means. We have been doing some activities based on this. We have also learnt the signs for full and empty.


Last week we started looking at 'more' and 'less'. We also learnt the signs for these.

Gemma and Tracy's class

In maths this term we are learning about measure. We have been focusing on short and long; full and empty; heavy and light. We have made some scales out of different materials to enable us to measure the weight of different items. The students are enjoying this topic and are interested in what happens when you put something heavy or light onto the scales.


We have been taking part in some sensory water play activities to try to start to introduce the words 'full' and 'empty'. The students are starting to learn that full means 'I need to add some water' and empty means 'I need to take some water out'.