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During our literacy sessions, we have been working in 2 groups and following two different stories. Whilst we are not able to share the content from these stories with you online, we would like you to try and complete some different reading and writing tasks. 


Green Group - Those who normally work in Bill's classroom for Literacy

Orange Group - Those who normally work in Hannah's classroom for Literacy


Please choose the relevant activity below and let us know how you get on with these tasks. Please email your class email address with any photos of your work as we would love to see what you have achieved!


Please follow the link below to find out more information if you are unsure.


For reading, students are divided into two groups and follow one of two schemes. The schemes are called 'See and Learn' and 'Read,write,inc'. The students accessing see and learn are initialised below. The remaining students should click on the 'Read, write, inc' subpage, where you will find information about your reading tasks. 

See and Learn


The below content is to support those students who are completing the See and Learn Reading Scheme. These are:


Shetland: MJ, TBi, KeH

Islay: SB, KAB


These pictures represent a list of commonly used words to help students develop their reading skills through a sight recognition approach to reading. Please start with group 1. Once your young person is confidently able to recognise and match each picture in Group 1 then they are able to move on to Group 2 and so on.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Some of the students at Campus are following a reading scheme called 'Read, write, inc'. Details about this scheme can be found by visiting the Oxford owl website (do let me know if you require the login details for this again).


The students accessing this scheme are: 

MR, NS, CS, AW, MM, KF,  TC, IY, NJ, SW, BM, MS 


Click on the Read, Write, Inc star symbol and it will take you to further information regarding the focus for your young person.