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Jura Class

Welcome to Jura Class!

Our Staff Team

Hello all!

Welcome to Jura's class page for the Spring Term 2021!  



Hello all! Everyone in last week had a brilliant week, I will continue catching up with people on the phone and hearing how well everyone is doing at home again this week if you are not yet returning to school. The contact each week has been amazing and we have heard some fantastic stories of work being done at home and the photos that have been sent in are great so please continue to send them! please find them below!!


Weekly FaceTime conversation have continued with one of our class mates who is currently at home. It is always brilliant to see how they have been getting on and heart warming to see the students' faces when seeing and talking with their friends. (If this sounds appropriate for your young person to access, please let me know). Thank you those that have been in touch. 


Times are very challenging at the moment (but there is light at the end of the tunnel), so if you have any problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of the staff team. We are always here to help and do what we can to support you. 


If your child is still at home, please find below the learning intentions for this term to give you an idea of what we are doing in school. I will be uploading resources and fun activities weekly to this page, so please keep an eye out for those. As before, please do not feel any pressure to complete work-the important thing is that everyone stays safe and happy! And again, any problems please get in touch. 


We have a great week lined up so keep a look out for some photos being uploaded as the week progresses. 


Before the holiday Jura class did the Mencap and Special Olympics GB’s Virtual Challenge Week! Below you will see the activities we completed each day . I have a certificate for all participants involved. I will leave the timetable of activities below (These can be done at home if your young person is not currently attending school). There are three levels for each challenge below, reflecting different difficulty levels – participants can choose which level they want to do. That said please feel free to adapt some of the exercises slightly if required for your young person. This will be a great way to stay active and healthy (make sure you send me some pictures!)


Monday: Movement 

1 minute circuit (though exercises don't have to be done immediately after each other, they can be done throughout the day with as much break in between as you like) - 15 seconds each of star jumps, squats, arm curls, shoulder presses (count how many you do of each).  

Level 1 – Sitting down, with arm movements.  

Level 2 – S mix of sitting down and standing up (e.g. squats can be done by lifting up from a chair).  

Level 3 – Standing up with a weight in each hand.  


Tuesday: Throwing  

People have to throw one object into another. Try it 10 times and your score is how many times you successfully do it. 

Level 1 – 2 steps away 

Level 2 -  5 steps away 

Level 3 – 10 steps away  


Wednesday: Hitting 

People have to hit an object into the air as many times as they can with a racquet or any flat object (or even your hand). Your score is how many times you can hit the object in the allotted time. If it falls, pick it up and keep going.  

Level 1 – 10 seconds 

Level 2 – 30 seconds 

Level 3 – 60 seconds 


Thursday: Kicking  

People have 10 attempts to kick (or roll, if limited leg mobility), between a goal made up of two household items, 2 steps apart - we recommend shoes, but again this can be anything. Your score is how many times you did it.  

Level 1 – 2 steps away 

Level 2 – 5 steps away 

Level 3 – 10 steps away 


Friday: Certificate


Please email photos of your young person completing the challenges; it will be brilliant to see everyone getting active at home.


I would like to also highlight again The Highland Dauner. During the middle of lockdown, many of our school community members are staying safe at home. So we decided to try and do a whole school community activity that everyone can join in, and what better way to be part of our school community than to take a virtual trip around the Scottish Islands that our classes are named after! A Dauner is a Scottish word for ‘walk’, so anyone can walk, jog, run or cycle and log their steps or miles to help us all travel around the highlands together. We hope as many students, parents/carers and staff can join us, we thought it would be fantastic if we all had a goal to aim for to remind us that we are still part of a community together, even if we are apart. Please find all information in the News and events section on the website. 


  • Ruth Miskin is running daily Read, Write Inc (RWI) phonics sessions on Youtube-see the link below and attached schedule of lessons.
  • In the 'Parents' section on our website you will find our 'At Home Hub'. There are lots of Well-Being, Music and Drama resources and activities that can be done at home should you wish to make use of this.
  • Joe Wicks (the body coach) is back starting his online PE sessions this week-a great way to stay active, have fun and burn off some energy. Please find the link below. 
  • There is a fantastic resource below about online safety. With working at home and spending lots of time on phones and computers at the moment this might be a useful tool to help keep everyone safe. Link below. 
  • Follow the link below for some paper craft ideas that could be done at home!
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is a brilliant resource to use at home looking at Yoga skills, mindfulness and relaxation. Link below. 
  • Makaton sign of the week! You’ll be amazed how much you can learn so quickly, which means that you can start to communicate straight away. Makaton is proven to develop speech, language and communication skills. Using gestures and pictures, people tell someone what they want, make choices and join in.


Kindest regards

Jura Staff Team



RWI link: 

At Home Hub:

The body coach TV -

Online safety:

Paper crafts:

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Makaton (sign of the week):


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You can contact the Jura Class Team via the email address below:  (Use if sending attachments) or by using the contact form below if general communication.


Please ensure all admin and safeguarding queries are directed to the below email addresses:





Contact Jura Class

If you ever have any problems or worries, we as a team are always here to support you the best we can. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Once again it’s so wonderful to be back after half term


James & the Jura Class Team