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Welcome to Hoy!

Hoy Class Team (2019/20)

James- Class Teacher
Joanne - Teaching Assistant
Diana- Teaching Assistant

Week beginning 13/07/20

Hello all,

I hope everyone is keeping well.  Students are continuing to attend school now on a part time basis and I believe most students are back in at some point during the week. I shall continue to upload ideas/resources on here each week, as I have been throughout the school closure, so please do not worry if your young person is remaining at home for the time being.

 Of course I am still happy to be contacted if you have any worries, or simply just wish to update/share with me how your young person is getting on, I'm always here to help. If you are interested I can also provide lesson plans for specific subjects with your young person's individual targets, but there is no pressure to do this. My work email address is:


One of the items in the resource list below is a fantastic link to, a free E book service, available to use until the end of this month so please make use of this whilst you can. The username & password are below to log in. 


Please continue to use the link that focuses on handwriting. The website will generate patterns for your young person to copy. Keep pressing the button that says 'magic' to generate a new pattern. These can be printed but if you don't have access to a printer, use these as a guide and draw your own! Just find a nice bright colour and then encourage your young person to copy the pattern, this can be over the top or underneath. Further support would be to use hand over hand to help guide the pen over the shapes. If the activity is to easy the try and encourage your young person to form letters independently or even write complete words.

A new link added this week looks at 7 ideas that can easily be done at home to help support learners with SEN. Exercises include; time, shopping, bingo and emotions. 

Id like to draw your attention again to the 'At Home Hub' which can be located under the parents tab above. This has been updated by staff and includes aspects such as; performing arts, residential resources, weekly challenges, general resources and well-being resources. There is also a 'Coming Back to School' section, which may be beneficial to help support your young person when they return. There's loads of fantastic resources on there for you to make use of so please if you haven't already go and have a look! 

Any problems please get in touch!

Best wishes 

James x



Colours -  around the home can your young person identify different colours. Try and generate a conversation asking "what colour is this?". If they prefer non-verbal communication I am attaching a link below to help you to use Makaton sign to support communication. If identifying the name of the colour is to easy, ask your young person to find a certain amount of objects around the house of a certain colour. 

Colours Makaton signs - 


Example schedule to follow


Useful links - Activities and Resources


Peer massage

Singing hands

Cosmic Kids yoga

Mr Motivator

Relaxation music

Craft ideas

Joe Wicks (the body coach) PE session

David Walliams stories

Hand washing song

BBC SEND (lots of resources on here)

Social story on COVID19

Social story on why schools are closed

Audible (stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet)

Basic Makaton signs -

20 crafts at home

Crafts with items around the home

20 min work out -

Makaton - SIGN OF THE WEEK -

10 sensory actvities -

Handwriting -

Derbyshire music hub -

7 exercises at home - 

Free eBooks to use up until 31st July this year - 

Username: UKfreeaccess

Password: engage 


To try and link with what we where learning in school before the lock down, please if possible continue with;


Money – identifying coins by value and name; matching pairs (finding the ‘same’)


Meal prep – making a sandwich – making a choice of filling, looking at equipment needed (such as a plate, knife, butter, bread etc), buttering the bread, using an appropriate amount of filling, cutting sandwich in half


Physical Activity – Cosmic kids Yoga … on YouTube. Lots of videos to choose from, Mr Motivator Workout again on YouTube. And you may have seen in the media, Joe Wicks is doing the nations PE session at 9 am daily  (LINKS ABOVE)


Personal care -  obviously during this time washing hands and staying clean is extremely important. Regular hand washing sessions at home would be a great activity as well as also helping to make sure everyone’s hands are nice and clean.


As I've said before, please do not stress if your young person doesn’t wish to do the work or finds it difficult to concentrate at home. Whatever you can do will be great! 


During this time of disruption, regular routines have gone out the window and will be an extremely challenging time for all but particularly for our young people of St Andrews. So don’t worry too much, everyone’s health, safety and well-being comes first.

Hopefully the links and timetable above will be useful but If you need anything or any more ideas, please as I say contact myself (email at top of page) and I will be more than happy to help! In the meantime, stay safe, look after yourselves and we will see you very soon!


James, Jo & Di xxxx