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Harris Class

Welcome to Harris!

W/C- 20/7/2020



I can't believe it is the last week of the school year! It has been an incredibly different one and I am so proud of how all our families have handled it. 

We had such an enjoyable first few months with you and honestly cannot wait to welcome you back in September for what promises to be a fun and exciting year.


Well done to you! Have a brilliant summer holidays and enjoy yourselves.


Lots of love from 

Harris Team 


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W/C 13/7/2020

I can't believe another week has flown by! We are welcoming more of you to school each week and it is wonderful to see some fabulous smiling faces! We hope you are doing well at home and apparently the weather is set to get much better this week! 

I really hope you have been enjoying the sensory stories and finding some fun in the activities set.

This week I am going to set you some challenges to see if you can help at home! 


A story about Covid 19 to support understanding. This is a lovely resource to share together :)

This week in our bubble we are going to be making some bird feeders to go with our planters! Here are some instructions if you would like to try at home.

Step 1

Thread the string through the hole in the apple.

Step 2

Make an 'X' with the sticks and tie them to the string so the apple sits on top.

Step 3

Make a pattern by pushing the seeds into the apple, then it's ready to hang up!

Summertime Kids Yoga! ☀️🏝️🌺

If you fancy doing a bit of summertime keep fit then have a go at this video!

W/C- 6/7/2020


Hi everyone! We hope you are well and staying safe. It has been another week of weird and wonderful British weather! Here are some learning activities for you to try at home if you wish. Again there is no pressure to complete these but you may find some useful.

It would be lovely to see some of your pictures if you have been enjoying some of these learning activities at home so please do send them through or let us know about whatever you have been up to!


We are missing you lots

Love from Harris team!

Carrying on with our weekly sensory story!

This week in school we have been looking at floating and sinking. We found 10 items from around the classroom and predicted whether they would float or sink! We then tested them and the results were surprising! A lemon floated but a lime sunk! It was very interesting. 

Here is a floating or sinking activity for you to do at home. Please feel free to use whatever items you can find but I have put some on there for you just in case. 

In school this week we have been making the most of the topsy turvy weather by making our own planters! With the rain and sun coming out it is the perfect weather to plant flowers. Here are some examples and here are some instructions. 


Please make sure adults check there are no sharp bits on the tin! An alternative method is to paper mache a plastic flower pot and then paint and plant.

W/C 29/6/2020



What a hot week it has been this week! We have had some lovely days. I hope you have all been managing to enjoy the sun safely with hats, sun cream and lots of drinks.

I am adding some activities this week relating to sun safety, dressing ourselves for the weather, outdoor water play and another sensory story to enjoy with your family. 

Have fun!


There are lots of ways to have fun outside!

You can help hang out wet washing or try and do some washing by hand outside.

You could try filling some water pistols with watered down paint and seeing what kind of art work you could make.

Take some bowls, measuring jugs, spoons etc outside to measure and re fill water.

Help water the garden using a hose pipe or watering can!

Can you sort what clothes are appropriate for each type of weather?

Try this daily massage routine out with someone in your household. It can be really calming.

Another sensory story for you to enjoy here.

There are lots of exciting things to engage with in this one! It doesn't matter if you can get every resource exactly! Just find bits around your house that are similar to it.

Thank you :)

Last week we looked at naming the different parts of our bodies. Can you say which parts of our bodies these products help to keep clean?



We hope you have had another good week! Another week of funny weather but hopefully the sun will start to shine next week :) 

This week we have some new learning activities for you to do, if you wish. Please do not feel any pressure to complete these but they may support you in some learning at home. 


Keep safe and well.

Missing you all lots.




Eating and Making Pizzas!

Here are some ideas for the pizza making we began looking at a couple of weeks ago! I have made some at home with my children... we tried different bases. We really enjoyed the pitta bases best.

  • Slice of bread
  • Pitta
  • Tortilla Wrap   

They were deliciously crispy. Please let us know if you have tried any... we would love to see some pictures :)



At the moment it is so important that we wash our hands for at least 20 seconds with soap. Have a go at this online game to see if you can get rid of all the germs!

Following on from our sensory trail exploring the great outdoors, here is a sensory story about the Leaf Man...

What do you think Leaf Man looks like?

Have a go at decorating the leaves (paint, pencil crayons, tissue paper, chalk) and build your own wandering leaf man!

The 25th June is National Relationships and Sex Education day! 

Can you have a look at this online game and see if you can work together to name the different parts of the body?

W/C 15/6/20


Hello everyone!

We hope you are keeping well and enjoying the time with your families. 

What weird weather we have had this week! Lots of thunderstorms and rain but then also really hot sun! 

I have a few tasks for you this week. We have a sensory trail which you can read as a story and do at home or outside!

It is also Fathers Day on Sunday so I have attached some printable fathers day cards and an insert and also a DIY tutorial to make a twig photo frame for your loved one. 


Thank you

Keep safe and hopefully see you soon

Harris team


Follow this link to watch the video tutorial to make a twig photo frame.

All you need are twigs, paper/cardboard, glue, string and a photo!

W/C 8th June 2020

Hello again, hope you are having a great day. I am adding some new resources and tasks to inspire you this week. 

In Food Tech Year 7 students are making pizzas using bought bases (pitta breads and French Bread also work if you can't get pizza bases) and make a chopped salad of you choice with a dressing. Year 8 are making a picnic with sandwiches, dips and vegetable sticks. Lots of photos please for when your child returns to school, so we can share in your fun and learning!

Please keep reading with your child using the books you have at home and these on-line sites that we have a subscription for that you can access:


Oxford Owl - log in - harris1


Twinkl Parents Hub - Lots of games and resources. They're offering free access with the code UKTWINKLHELP




Top Marks

Educational games linked to the primary curriculum


Please don't feel touch much pressure but use the resources to enhance your learning experiences and let me know how you get on.


Also please keep returning to this website as now I am back I will be continuing to update the class page this week and then every Monday. 


If you need paper copies of activities or you have any other questions regarding home learning or your child or just to let me know how you are getting on, then don't hesitate to contact me on


Hope you all continue to be well and stay safe.

Can't wait to see you all as soon as possible.

Cris and Anna


Harris Class Team (2019/20)

Cris- Class Teacher
Anna- Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Harris class. We are a class of mixed year groups ranging from year 7- year 10.


Through daily activities and visual timetables, the students take part in social interaction, group time and meet the expectations of the curriculum such as functional numeracy, literacy and science.

Our topic based learning provides lots of opportunities to engage using a wide range of learning experiences but most of all having fun.

This terms topic has been 'Day and Night'. The students have been looking at their daily routine using PECS symbols, this has been a good social experience for the students as we discussed each others routine at home. We also looked at nocturnal and diurnal animals and where they live. 


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 
― Dr. Seuss