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Welcome to Campus

The Campus Staff Team

Campus staff would like to say Happy New Year and a big welcome to our new and returning students in 2022!


The students are now on their third rotating timetables of the year, providing them with more learning and work experience following the Inspiring Futures curriculum.


At Campus, all of the students will be undertaking a range of classroom based learning in addition to accessing sessions delivered at or by external providers. This will include a variety of creative arts and physical fitness sessions, community volunteering projects and work placements at a number of different local employers. The intention is for the students to access a broad scope of activities and experiences in order to develop their skills and confidence whilst also providing opportunities to gain a better awareness of the things they may choose to pursue after they leave St Andrew’s.


In order to facilitate all of these different experiences, students will be working in smaller groups (max 6) following a number of different timetables throughout the year. Each timetable will run in half term blocks, with students moving onto a different timetable at the end of each half term. Whilst we understand that changing the timetable like this may be difficult for some students, we feel it is important that all students have equal opportunities to access different experiences as this will ensure they are best prepared for life after school.


Please see the documents below for additional information related to your young person's learning.


Hi, from the Students


It is good to be back at Campus. The new timetables are exciting as we are going to new work placements and experiencing new activities and places. 


Our students would like to share with you some of their thoughts on their learning, where they have been visiting and their work placements,


'I like the car valeting because I clean the spokes'

'The Quad was fun. We learnt about IPad Art'

'I enjoyed Derby Garden Centre because I had never been before, working there will be fun'

'I am learning to use capital letters'

'I learnt how to use a calendar'

'We helped the environment  by litter picking'

'I enjoyed singing at Baby People'