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Hello and welcome to the College Campus Page


We are now into summer term and on our fifth rotating timetables of the year.  This final block will provide the students with more learning and work experience following the Inspiring Futures curriculum.


At Campus, all of the students will be undertaking a range of classroom based learning in addition to accessing sessions delivered at or by external providers. This will include a variety of creative arts and physical fitness sessions, community volunteering projects and work placements at a number of different local employers. The intention is for the students to access a broad scope of activities and experiences in order to develop their skills and confidence whilst also providing opportunities to gain a better awareness of the things they may choose to pursue after they leave St Andrew’s.


In order to facilitate all of these different experiences, students will be working in smaller groups (max 6) following a number of different timetables throughout the year. Each timetable will run in half term blocks, with students moving onto a different timetable at the end of each half term. Whilst we understand that changing the timetable like this may be difficult for some students, we feel it is important that all students have equal opportunities to access different experiences as this will ensure they are best prepared for life after school.


Please see the documents below for additional information related to your young person's learning.


Skills Builder Weekly Achievements


Each week, we want to recognise the fantastic work our wonderful students do in their sessions at Campus and on their work placements. When a students shows excellent work in one of our Skills Builder skills, they are awarded a certificate. When they receive a certificate in each of the 8 areas, they are awarded a prize, a voucher to spend! 


Skills Builder Wall of Fame 


Speaking - Caleb, Caitlin, kevin

Listening - Caleb, Caitlin, 

Staying Positive - Caitlin, Mary, Max

Aiming High - Daniella, Ben, Tanya, Tyler, Caitlin, Max, Chris, Belle

Leadership - Max

Problem solving - Caitlin 

Teamwork - Chris, Nikita, Tanya, Kimberley

Creativity - Nikita, Hassan, Mary, 


Campus WOW certificates 


Daniella - English

Max - Helping a peer

Max - Excellent home learning work

Caitlin - Sports, directing a team at work

Rohan - Listening and Problem solving 

Ben - Fab work on placement

James - Good life skills 


Congratulations to all the students who were awarded a certificate (some of whom can not be shared on here). 


Well Done Everyone!


Hi from Group 3


We are now working at Derby Garden Center. One of our job is to put the Bath Bombs in a bag to be sold in the shop. We choose and count out ten, mixed flavoured Bath Bombs and placed them into the bag. Then we have to seal the bag  ready to be displayed in the shop. We made over 30 packs, that's over 300 Bath Bombs!!!!!!!! laugh


We helped pick up the plant pots to be displayed in the outdoor area by using our muscles and strength we built up in the gym last term! 


Next week, our jobs are sweeping the garden area and displaying the clothing!

Campus Cafe 


This week we have enjoyed making pizzas for another group of students at Campus. First, we given the choice of pizza from the students and set the challenge to make them. 


We made the pizzas by spreading the tomato puree, adding the toppings and then sprinkling with cheese. We then chopped the vegetables to make a mixed salad to serve with the pizza. 


Yum Yum!

The Quad


Each week we have been producing some digital art on the IPads and are developing our creations into an animation! This week we learnt how to make an animation. Our theme was the sky. Have a look at our masterpieces! 

Our digital art


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

After experimenting with the IPads, we created objects with plastercine that we would find in the sky. We then created a sky background using oil pastels. We learnt different techniques to blend and texture the colours.  

Mary's Masterpiece


Still image for this video

Hi, from Group 4


Welcome from Group 4, we are on our 5th timetable rota and looking forward to our new placements and work in Campus. Now we are in Spring, we hope the weather will be nicer!

We are enjoying our brand new placement of working in a Restaurant. cheeky


Group 4 - Litter Picking 


Campus students have been working hard to complete our litter picking challenge, to collect as many bags of litter as possible before half term to take part in the GREAT BIG SCHOOL CLEAN 2022. Some of us have been outside on the field finding litter to pick up and put in the rubbish to help take care of our environment! #Litterheros

The Quad

Still image for this video

Derby Garden Centre

Still image for this video

Hi From Group 1 


We are enjoying visiting The Workshop because making bird houses is fun. We use  drills, hammers, screw drivers and saws to create these homes out of wood for the birds. The staff are kind and helpful. We love going on the bus and we have a great driver! 

Group 5


We are enjoying working at Morrisons. Stacking the tins is exciting as we have to turn all the labels the same way. We flat pack all the boxes and place them on the trolleys to be recycled. After all our hard work we get to go into the cafe and treat ourselves to a drink 

Our students would like to share with you some of their thoughts on their learning from Spring 2 so far, where they have been visiting and their work placements,


'Pot to Plate was dirty and smelly but good fun and I enjoyed digging the weeds out.'

'I like the car valeting because it is good to see a clean car'.

'The Quad was good. We learnt about different types of trees'.

'I enjoyed Derby Garden Centre because we learnt about hot tubs'.

'I am learning how to use conjunctions to extend sentences'.

'I learnt about finances in maths'.

'We helped the environment  by litter picking'.

'I enjoyed graffiti at Baby People'.