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What happens if someone has symptoms of COVID-19?

Many of our students would not be able to express that they are suffering from symptoms. It is the staff working with them who will monitor each student. If a student begins to present with symptoms such as:

  • A high temperature (this means hot to touch on chest or back, clammy, red cheeked, or above 37.8 °C)
  • A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot, for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • A loss or change to sense of smell or taste – this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

They will be moved to the medical room with a member of staff wearing appropriate PPE whilst their parent/carer is phoned to collect them. If anyone is suspected to have Covid-19, then any PPE worn must be double bagged and stored separately for 72hours before being disposed of. The student should self-isolate for 7 days and arrange to have a test. Their fellow household members should self-isolate for 14 days. All staff and students will have access to a test if they display symptoms. The bubble will then have to isolate at home for 14 days or longer if they still have symptoms, or isolate at home until they test negative for Covid-19. The other household members of the wider bubble do not need to self-isolate unless the staff or student member they live with subsequently develops symptoms.

Will my child be able to go out?

Unfortunately we are unable to run offsite activities at the moment, this will be reviewed regularly and as soon as we can staff students going off site, we will.

Can I send my child into school with toys or equipment?

You can send your child to school with a bag and anything your child needs to allow us to support them including personal care items. You can send in small items that may help your child regulate their sensory needs. 

Will my child be able to wear PPE in school? 

PPE means Personal Protective Equipment, so that is anything to help protect yourself. 

In hot weather, students should continue to wear sun cream when necessary, parents need to apply this on before their child atends school. Students should be sent with a labelled hat. No open toe footwear should be worn. 

In cold or wet weather, parents should continue to send their child in with a jumper and a rain coat.

The government advice regarding students wearing face masks, gloves or visors is:

Face coverings should not be worn in any circumstance by those who may not be able to handle them as directed (for example, young children, or those with special educational needs or disabilities) as it may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission.

Do I need to send packed lunch to school?

School dinners will be provided, if you usually pay for a school meal, you will continue to do this on ParentPay for the school meal your child has. If you usually send a packed lunch, you will continue to do this. Meals will be eaten in different places at different times. 

Milk and Water will be provided in cartons and bottles, these must be ordered with the dinners, the kitchen staff have requested that any class who has a student with a dairy allergy to only order water for the whole class. The Menu will resume to a usual menu, starting with Week 1. Student lunches will be eaten in different areas at different times.

11.55am – ASC Corridor (Mull and Skye) – to collect dinners from the hatch and eat in class.

12pm – KS3 Corridor (Orkney, Bute and Lewis) – to eat in the hall, dinners will be plated up.

12.05pm – Campus – a member of staff to collect dinners from the side door of the kitchen and return once washed.

12.15pm - Jurra – to collect dinners from the side door of the kitchen and return as usual.

12.20pm – Barra – to collect dinners from the hatch and eat in class.

12.25pm – Iona – to collect dinners from the side door of the kitchen and return as usual.

12.30pm – KS4 Corridor (Stronsay and Taransay) – to eat in the hall, dinners will be plated up.

Students must not share food or drink items, utensils or equipment.


How will you social distance in school?

Students will be reminded by staff to follow social distance guidelines of staying 1 metre apart where possible from their peers and adults in school and on the outdoor areas.

The government guidelines state: Maintaining a distance between people whilst inside and reducing the amount of time they are in face to face contact lowers the risk of transmission. We know that this is not always possible, particularly when working with children and young people with complex needs, or those who need close contact care.

Settings should make small adaptations to the classroom to support distancing where possible. That should include seating pupils side by side and facing forwards, rather than face to face or side on, and might include moving unnecessary furniture out of classrooms to make more space.

This means that staff are not to encourage face-to-face situations, so where there are situations in the curriculum that would be face-to-face such as circle/ semi-circle seating, try to minimise these times and encourage social distancing. We understand social distancing will be more difficult for our students, they will be encouraged wherever possible to keep a distance from peers and adults, however, we understand this won’t always be possible. Students should use their own allocated equipment which will be stored separately and should not share these items.

My child missed their transition time in their new class, what will you do about that?

For YR6 students moving into YR7 we have offered a days transition with their new teacher in school. We have sent transition packs home for every student with photos of their new class team.

In September all students will follow a recovery curriculum CLICK HERE where there will be a focus on relationships, St Andrews community, love of learning, and space to be themselves and rediscover their environment. 

What will classes look like in September?

The government guidelines state settings should assess their circumstances and look to implement ‘bubbles’ of an appropriate size, to achieve the greatest reduction in contact and mixing, without unduly limiting the quality of breadth of teaching, or access for support and specialist staff and therapists. This means we have changed our bubble groups from classes of 4 to departments/ corridors of classes with a maximum of 3 classes:

KS3 Bubble – Orkney, Bute and Lewis

KS4 Bubble – Stronsay, Taransay and Barra

Willows Bubble – Jurra

ASC Bubble – Skye and Mull

Lodge Bubble – Iona

Campus Bubble – Shetland, Arran and Islay

Will there be staggered start and finish times?

Unfortunately we are not in a position to do this because of the nature of how our students are grouped and transported it wouldn't be possible. Please CLICK HERE for the guidance.

Will my child still get transport when they go to school?

Yes. We have sent Derby and Derbyshire transport teams the list of students returning. They have said students will receive transport but it may be different to what they had before. 

Derby City Transport and Derbyshire Transport have made adjustments to their provision.

  • Making sure transport providers do not work if they or a member of their household are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus
  • Making sure transport providers, as far as possible, follow hygiene rules and try to keep distance from their passengers and wipe down vehicles after every journey.
  • Taking appropriate actions to reduce risk if hygiene rules and social distancing is not possible, for example when transporting children and young people with complex needs who need support to access the vehicle or fasten seatbelts.
  • Reducing the number of passengers per vehicle and increase the amount of space between passengers

If you are transporting your child yourself, please arrive by 9am - and collect your child at 3.20pm. Each car will wait whilst the car/minibus at the front empties and leaves until the last vehicle has left. This will be the same on leaving school, each vehicle will queue up, the one at the front will be filled, then leave, then the next filled and leave until all vehicles have left. If you are walking into school to drop off or collect your child, please stand at the markers on the floor to the side of reception and wait for a member of staff to direct your child from/to you.

Will my child be safe in school?

We have followed and continue to follow all government guidance. To read our changes in school please CLICK HERE.

Do all students need to go back in September?

Yes, the government guidelines state that all students are expected back at school in September. Students return to school on Tuesday 8th September 2020. If for any reason you feel that your child won't be able to attend school, please contact school and discuss with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

What if the government change advice over August if a local spike develops or the national COVID-19 picture changes?

St Andrews Academy will continue to follow government guidance and notify families if things change.

Will I still get Free School Meal vouchers in September?

No, all students will be expected to attend school in September and school meals will return to normal.

How do I get my Free School Meal Vouchers over the summer holidays?

Everyone who is entitled to Free School Meal Vouchers has received either a code to redeem their voucher, or a printed copy of the voucher. This is £90 per student for the whole summer. Please contact the office on 01332 832746 or email for any enquiries.

Will you be open over the summer holidays?

No, school is closed over the summer holidays. All students will return to school on Tuesday 8th September 2020.