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For English this year we have split into 3 different classes. This gives us the opportunity to challenge our student's to do their best and achieve their targets. Below is an outline and some examples of what each class is working on this term.

Jessica's Class.


In Jess' class this term we have been learning about fiction and non fiction; trying to identify which books belong to which category. We have also been looking at the different pages of a book; contents, glossary, index etc. The students are doing very well with this subject and have started to work independently on their worksheet to tell us which books are non-fiction and what the different pages are called. Some students are able to show us where in the book you can find the index and the contents.


We also start each lesson by looking at a different phonics sound. This term so far we have learnt 'oo'. Since September we have also learnt 'oa', 'ai', 'igh', 'th', 'sh', 'ng' and 'ch'.

Shirleys Class

In Shirley's class this term we are reading the book Flat Stanley written by Jeff Brown. The book is about a boy who got flattened by a large notice board. Because Stanley is flat he goes on lots of different adventures. He gets flown like a kite, sent in the post and helps to catch two dangerous men. In Literacy we spend time reading some of the book and then completing lots of fun activities based on what we have read in the book.


We have also drawn and painted a life size cardboard cut out of Flat Stanley.


Gemma and Tracy's Class

In Literacy this term we are looking at stories from other cultures. We are currently reading Hans Christian Anderson's book called 'The Snow Queen'. We are experiencing this as a sensory story. We have so far used ice packs to feel what ice is like and how cold it is; Cloud dough to feel the texture of the snow; we have a hat with icicles made out of foam to dress up as the snow queen.


After we have read this story we look at the different characters in the book and try to understand who is 'good' and who is 'bad'.