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Sensory Story - Circuses are renowned for being colourful! Below is a 'Colours' sensory story that's easy to do at home and is a great sensory means of experiencing colours.



Try and spend some time together each day looking at books, magazines, leaflets, or anything else that is interesting and enjoyable.  Point to the words and pictures, find the picture of the .... , practise turning pages one at a time, and so on.  


Suggestions - 


"That's not my..." books - these are nice to look and at feel, and there is a hidden mouse on every page to find!


Lift-the-flap books


Sound books - read the story and press the different sounds


Magazines - some students in Skye love car magazines.  Others like comics, nature magazines, or children's television programme magazines.


TV magazines - find favourite programmes


Leaflets about places of interest - theme parks, farms etc.


iPad - find favourite songs/shows/pictures together on the iPad/phone/laptop etc - this is a brilliant way to practice reading as it is so motivating!

Writing                                                                                                                In class students enjoy looking at photos of themselves learning.  They put the photos into a scrapbook and use the caption underneath to practise their writing skills.  Some use pens to make marks over the caption, others trace over the caption, write underneath the caption or use a word bank of words to write their own caption.  Have a look through the class page - there are lots of photos of students learning.  Can you practise your writing by mark making, tracing over letters or putting words together for your favourite photos?  You can also make it fun by mark making or tracing shapes of letters in different materials - rice, oats, paint, goo - whatever you have at home.