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Hello Everyone!

                           Way back in another time (January this year actually!). Hubbub Theatre Company delivered a superb Theatre Workshop to Bute & Lewis classes based on a new piece of theatre they are developing called: The Drum. They have created a follow up to that workshop that can be found on You Tube on the  link below:


The Drum - Hubbub at Home Workshop -



The workshop is just under the hour and the sections comprise roughly the following timings:


1. Introductions and warm up, ie, breathing and stretching exercises. 18 minutes (mins)

2. A "Body Parts" exercise that can be practiced individually or with a partner. (18 mins).

3. Learning a song! (5 mins).

4. Signed narration with visual musical accompaniment. (6 mins).

5. Story explanation as an exploration of the theme of kindness. (3 mins).

6. A "warm down", ie, calming exercises via breathing and stretching. (3 mins).

7. Closing "Thank You's" and picture gallery of the performance in rehearsal. (7 mins).


Parts of the workshop could be used with the students or even the full length - depending, of course, on the context. Hubbub also have lots of dynamic and interesting online content: drama, music, song, movement and dance exercises on channel. This will be released by social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & website), over the coming weeks. 


This can serve us well as a super Expressive Arts resource in these unique times.


           Barry - Drama.



“Drama Bubbles!”


Drama bubbles!” Are a collection of short videos of: warm ups; dramatic action songs; drama games & exercises and “chill out” time. They are designed for you to create your own “bubble of drama!” Select a “warm up”, then drama game/exercise and then “chill out” time, and with willing participants run your own “drama bubble!” The drama is suited for all ages apart from a couple of bubbles I have indicated for our Further Education students. Enjoy your “Bubbles!”



Warm Ups.



  1. Warm up 1 – seated.

   5 mins – 25 secs.


   2. Warm up 2 – Standing. (FE students).

   6 mins 6 secs.


                                                                       Dramatic Action Songs.


    3. The Wiggle Song!

  4 mins 22 secs.


   4. I like the flowers.

  3 mins 30 secs


    5. The Sunshine song.

   3 mins 28 secs.


6.Baby One!

                         4 mins 8 secs.




Drama Games & Exercises.


    7. Feelings and Emotions.

   9 mins 37 secs.


8. Status in the Middle Ages.

   7 mins 8 secs.


        9. Action Mimes.

  1. mins 35 secs.


     10.  “Chill Out” Songs 1.

              7 mins 19 secs.


Barry Richardson.


Warm Up 1 - Seated.

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Warm Up 2 - Standing (FE).

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The Wiggle Song

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I Like the Flowers

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The Sunshine Song

Still image for this video

Baby One!

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Feelings and Emotions.

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Status in the Middle Ages

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Action Mimes

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"Chill Out" Songs 1.

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