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We had a lovely time making an ocean habitat in class (check out the photos in science). Can you make a colourful jellyfish to go in an ocean?



Our music this term is all about water.  Lots of music has been written about water - some is calm and relaxing, some is about big sea storms.


Here are links to some of the pieces of music we have been using in class.  Enjoy listening to the music together.


If you have instruments (you could make your own!) then you could play along to the music, playing loud/quiet/fast/slow in response to the music you hear.


If you don't have any instruments, then you could move your body - make gentle swaying movements to the calm music, or march and clap to the sea storm and lifeboat music.



A Wave Went up My Nose

We have fun singing this together in class - we build up lots of anticipation to the sneeze and make it very dramatic, and everybody laughs!

Ronald Binge Sailing by ( On The Water )

This music is very calm and gentle. Watch the video and pretend you are on the boat. What can you see? How do you feel?

BRITTEN: Peter Grimes: V. Storm

There is a great storm at sea! Use loud instruments and big movements to create your own musical storm.

March: "Padstow Lifeboat" - Malcolm Arnold

Can you march in time to this music? Can you make a good foghorn sound?!

Jacques Ibert - REFLETS DANS L'EAU (Reflections in the Water)

This music is very relaxing - shut your eyes and enjoy listening to the harp.