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Additional activities

Additional activities

Please find resources for all other activities listed on the home learning planning

Fine and Gross motor:

  • Make your own puzzle - you will need an old cereal box, scissors and a pen. Draw lines on the back of the cereal box and cut out to make ‘pieces’ of a puzzle. Have fun putting it back together. (To challenge yourself further, design your own puzzle, and follow the steps from above)



  • Turn taking & sharing games - Snakes & Ladders, SNAP, throwing/rolling/catching a ball with someone at home. Throwing balls/beanbags into hoops/buckets/baskets.


  • Draw around your hand - 5 things that make a good friend (you can do this for a bad friend too). Next step - 5 things that make you a good friend, make it more personal.


  • My emotions wheel - what colour do you think of when you think of that emotion? Or draw a picture of what you think represents that emotion.


Music (body percussion)

  • sing Head, shoulders, knees and toes

DANCE MONKEY - Body Percussion

Have a go at this body percussion activity, copy the people in the video. If you struggle to click your fingers you can clap instead. We'd love to see a video of you giving it a go

I can sing a rainbow

we have been singing and signing the rainbow song in music. Have a go at home

Just Dance - Eye of the Tiger

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Old Town Road Just Dance 2020 (FULL GAMEPLAY)

Old Town Road (Remix) by Lil Nas X Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus is coming to Just Dance 2020! Full Gameplay