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Additional activities

Additional activities

Please find resources for all other activities listed on the home learning planning. Please also look at the 'at home hub' found on our website.

Orkney Class Assembly 15th Jan 2021

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Check out what students in Orkney have been doing this week at home and in school!
Remember to send in pictures and videos to feature in next weeks video :)

Fine and Gross motor:

  • Thread beads onto spaghetti or pipe cleaners or thread pasta onto string or pipe cleaners - how many can you get on?
  • Weaving Fun - you will need card, ribbon/wool/string, pen, scissors, hole punch & sticky tap, and to follow these steps:
  1. Draw some large shapes on the card
  2. Cut out your shapes
  3. Using your hole punch, punch holes around the outside of your shapes
  4. Tape one end of your string to the underside of your card and then wrap some sticky tape around the other end of your string to make it stiff like a needle - this will make it easier to thread through the holes
  5. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, so slowly weave in and out and gently pull the string through
  6. When you have finished weaving all the way around, cut off the end of the string and tape it to the underside of the card.
  7. You could always add a long piece of string from the top of your shape so you can hang and display them!
  8. Once you have done shapes, why don't you come up with your own designs and follow the steps again - Enjoy!


  • Make your own puzzle - you will need an old cereal box, scissors and a pen. Draw lines on the back of the cereal box and cut out to make ‘pieces’ of a puzzle. Have fun putting it back together. (To challenge yourself further, design your own puzzle, and follow the steps from above)
  • Zip your own coat or jacket 
  • learn to tie your laces
  • use a pincer grip to pick up something small e.g. grains of rice, piece of pasta 
  • cut along a straight or wavy line
  • walk along a line, wavy or straight 

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