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Starting and Stopping with the music


Listen to any music of your choice.  Dance, move or play along using instruments 


If you don't have any instruments at home then perhaps you could make your own?  There are loads of videos on YouTube, or do a web search.  


One person should be in charge of controlling the music, or use a YouTube video which already has the starts and stops, such as the Hot Potato video below.


Play Musical Statues – when the music stops you have to freeze

Play Musical Bumps – when the music stops you have to sit down as quickly as possible

What else could you do when the music stops? Strike a pose, make a funny noise, be silent, etc.


Follow Instructions – create your own signs or symbols to signal when to start and stop singing/playing instruments/dancing.  

For example, you could clap your hands to signal the other person should ‘start’ and put your hands in the air to signal to ‘stop’, or draw a triangle to signal ‘start’ and a square for ‘stop’.


The YouTube videos below contain some songs you could dance, sing or play along to.

STOP Follow Directions Song for Children, Kids and Toddlers | Patty Shukla

Musical freeze song

The Stop Song

Shake your Shaker activity for start/stop

Use this song with a shaker type instrument to increase start and stop abilities

Hot Potato Song

Song For Hot Potato