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22nd June is World Rainforest Day.  Our music-making this week is all things rainforest and jungle.


You can learn a bit about rainforests by searching on Google or Youtube, or by watching this short BBC clip:


There are a selection of activities, songs and inclusive music sessions for you to choose from below – have a look and see which you will enjoy most.


Creating a rainstorm.  This video below is from “Italy’s Got Talent.”  The choir have used their voices and bodies to create very realistic rain and thunder effects.  Can you copy any of the sounds/actions?  Notice how the rain gets louder and quieter – can you use your hands to create very quiet rain and very loud rain?  With members of your household, have a go at making your own rainstorm (see PDF file below).  If you want to add some percussion, you could make your own rainsticks.


There are lots of animals in the rainforest – find out what some of the animals are and see if you can copy their sounds.  You could add some animal/bird calls to your rainstorm.

Choir Creating Rain

How to make a Rainstick

Create a body percussion rainstorm - get your household together to do this - the more people the better!


Begin in silence – no one is allowed to talk at all during this activity!  Start very quietly, and each action should get a little louder.


Start by rubbing your hands together gently.  Everyone should copy – wait for all/most to join in, then move onto the next action:

Tap fingers on your palm.

Clap quietly

Tap knees

Clap loudly

Stamp your feet

Stamp and clap together – by now everyone should be as loud as possible.


You can either have a sudden stop, to create a dramatic silence, or bring the storm back down gradually, doing each action in reverse order, until the sound gently dies away.


This activity is good for assessing listening and reaction skills.  How long does it take to notice that the action has changed and to join in?  How does everyone react as it gets really loud?  How do you respond to or feel about the silence at the end?  Take turns at being the leader and see who can remember the sequence of the actions.

Big Top Music - Amazing Animals

You may like to join in with this music session, which includes the song "Walking Through the Jungle"

The Bare Necessities

Sing-Up are providing a "song of the week" during lockdown. One of their songs has been The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book. Enjoy watching and singing along to the Disney version, then take a look at the video by Beccy Owen, teaching you how to sing along, with a little beatboxing included! The Sing-Up website also includes activity ideas to go with the song:

'The Bare Necessities' - Learn the song with Beccy Owen

Here are some other songs you may enjoy singing about rainforests and jungles:

Rainforest Yoga

Finally, if you enjoy yoga or want to feel calmer, have a go at this music and mindfulness video.