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Week beginning 13th July 2020


This week I would like to challenge you to listen to music from different countries.  There are so many different styles of music sung and played around the world, with many different instruments being used.


One way to do this is to play World Music Bingo.  You can follow this link for instructions, a printable bingo card, and links to different world music:


Alternatively, you can search on YouTube for traditional music from countries of your choice.  Think about what instruments you can hear.  Is the music fast or slow?   Can you clap along to the beat?  Does the music make you want to dance or move?  How does the music make you feel?  How is different to the music you normally listen to, or to music from other countries?


If you enjoyed the rhythm activities two weeks ago, then here are some more to have a go at.


Lego Rhythms 1

Lego Rhythms 2

Chocolate Bar Rhythms

Can you create your own rhythms? Instead of chocolate bars, you could choose your favourite foods, items of clothing, TV programmes, countries, books, or film characters.

DANCE MONKEY - Body Percussion

The Addams Family - Body Percussion - For 2 people